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How connected is your Labeling Management?


Time:1:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes

Although life sciences companies have made huge efforts to bring their regulatory information under control, labelling management is often still disconnected, forcing heavy reliance on manual processes and distributed data which in turn can cause hold-ups and create an undesirable source of risk, especially across country borders.

Join our webinar to deep dive into end-to-end labeling management and discover how technology can help you to streamline labeling processes and how to achieve complete labeling management oversight and control, minimize risks of regulatory non-compliance and increase business productivity.

Vlatka Lotina Kosanović, AMPLEXOR's Life Sciences Consultant, will review the labeling business needs and optimization possibilities, upcoming trends in e-labeling as well as provide practical insights how companies can improve labeling management traceability & compliance.

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Vlatka Lotina Kosanović

Life Science Consultant


Vlatka Lotina Kosanović is a Life Science Consultant at Amplexor providing business expertise in client projects and product management in the area of Regulatory Information Management, Submission Management, Document Management and Labeling Management. Before she joined Amplexor, Vlatka was working in Teva supporting RIM for growth markets and regulatory submissions for clinical trials on CEE markets while working at PPD.
How connected is your Labeling Management?
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