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LIVE WEBINAR: Efficient Use of Saltel Xpandable Technologies in Unconventional Wells

Start Date:3/30/2021

Start Time:11:00 AM CDT

Duration:60 minutes


The tremendous pressure of stimulation operations in unconventional wells create specific stress loads, causing casing and cement failures that are effectively addressed by expandable steel technologies. With high pressure and temperature cycles during frac operations, casing is under high stress and often fails, just like connections when always longer laterals need to reach TD. High stage count and extended-reach laterals also give a hard time to the cement sheath around the production casing, creating sustained casing pressure or pressure at the well head.

This live session will cover :
The casing remediation service of the Saltel Xpandable patch, which is the slimmest on the market, is capable of fully restoring casing integrity. It enables the largest tool to go through, the highest flow rates with no erosion risk, and has a patented setting sequence making it the most reliable casing patch available. 

The benefits of running the Saltel Xpandable external casing packer (ECP) and Annular Zonal Isolation Packer (AZIP), which mold a metallic barrier around the production or intermediate casing inside the openhole, create an effective and long-lasting isolation. This shuts down gas migration before cement hardening and creates a secondary barrier, using high pressure from the lateral to re-energize its seals for the life of the well. 

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