Trust Your AI Models, Wherever Your Data Lives

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Businesses are putting AI to work to drive meaningful outcomes, but there are still barriers hindering adoption. Often data is spread across an organization sitting in various silos, making it difficult to deploy AI at scale. As a result, some companies are limiting their experimentation with AI, which can, in turn, limit their competitiveness in the marketplace. They can’t always consolidate their data on a single open platform and need AI that can go to where the data lives.

IBM Cloud Private for Data now provides access to IBM Watson services behind the firewall, including Watson OpenScale. With Watson available anywhere, businesses can now reach data stored in any environment - on premises, or any private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud - making it more open and accessible than ever before.

To learn more, register for this webinar, where you'll learn how IBM services on IBM Cloud Private for Data enable businesses to:

  • Make data simple and accessible
  • Create a trusted, business-ready analytics foundation
  • Scale insights on demand with machine learning everywhere
  • Infuse and operate trusted AI across its lifecycle

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Hemanth Manda

Director, Platform Offerings, IBM Analytics

Susannah Shattuck

Offering Manager, Watson OpenScale & Watson on IBM Cloud Private

Jim Young

Portfolio Lead, Watson OpenScale

Trust Your AI Models, Wherever Your Data Lives
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