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Introduction to Neonatal Dentistry and the Peel Technique ® - A New Paradigm in Pediatric Tongue Tie Treatment

Start Date:1/14/2022

Start Time:9:00 AM EST

Duration:180 minutes


In this webinar, attendees will be introduced to the concept of laser frenectomies, an increasingly popular method by which dentists and physicians can treat tongue and lip ties in their patients.

5% or more of the babies born in the United States have such tight tongue-ties and frenum pulls that they cannot successfully latch onto their mother’s nipple and breastfeed. For the baby, serious consequences include loss of weight and the label of “failure to thrive”.  For the mother, this results in sore and cracked nipples, mastitis, painful engorgement and post-partum depression due to an inability to nurse her baby.  This has classically been treated by a physician taking a scalpel or a pair of scissors to the newborn’s mouth and cutting the attachment.  The treatment of choice, however, is for a dentist to use laser technology to painlessly, bloodlessly remove the attachment, allowing the infant to immediately nurse. 


Though many practitioners perform tongue-tie release, few are trained in the

 PEEL Technique ®.  This technique insures that the 4 movements the tongue must make in order to nurse successfully can be performed:





At the conclusion of the course, participants will:
  • Be able to diagnose anterior and posterior tongue ties
  • Understand the criteria for treating tongue and lip ties
  • Know the advantages of the PEEL Technique ® over other techniques
  • Understand which laser wavelengths are most appropriate for performing tongue and lip tie releases

CDE: 3 hours
Subject Code: 430

Academy Of General Dentistry (Approval#219289)
Academy of General Dentistry Approved PACE Program Provider. FAGD/MAGD Credit.
Approval does not imply acceptance state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. 01/01/2010-12/31/2025

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Dr. Robert Convissar

Dr. Robert Convissar is a pioneer in the field of laser dentistry. One of the first dentists in the world to incorporate lasers into general practice he has over 32 years of experience with CO2, Diode, Erbium, and Nd.YAG wavelengths. He has authored over fifteen peer-reviewed papers and 7 laser textbooks. An international lecturer from New York to London to Sydney to Tokyo to Dubai, and everywhere in between, he has delivered close to 400 Laser Certification and Laser Tongue Tie Certification courses worldwide. He practices laser-assisted dentistry in New York City. He is the only dentist in the world to have the triad of awards: • Diplomate of the American Board of Laser Surgery • Fellow of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery • Master of the Academy of Laser Dentistry As well as being a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry His seminal textbook Principles and Practice of Laser Dentistry, now in its 2nd edition, has been the standard textbook on laser dentistry for over a decade – translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese, with more editions pending. He is the co-author of Color Atlas of Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Laser Frenectomy – the first textbook in the world on the subject.
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