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Initial Orthostatic Hypotension: Don’t Blink or You Will Miss It

Original Air Date:10/6/2021

Duration:60 minutes

Despite frequent presentation in syncope clinics, Initial Orthostatic Hypotension (IOH) is a relatively understudied and under-recognized disorder. Patients with IOH are often referred for syncope or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

During this webinar, Satish Raj, MD MSCI and Nasia Sheikh, MSc from the University of Calgary will briefly review IOH, including diagnostic criteria, review the differential diagnosis of IOH, and common presentations. They will share some recent research findings on the hemodynamic mechanisms underlying IOH. And they will offer some insights into non-pharmacological approaches to the management of patients with IOH from recent studies.

Key learning objectives:

  • How initial orthostatic hypotension patients present
  • The hemodynamic mechanisms underlying initial orthostatic hypotension
  • Non-pharmacological management methods for initial orthostatic hypotension

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Satish Raj, MD MSCI

Professor of Cardiac Sciences

University of Calgary

Satish R Raj, MD MSCI is a Canadian Heart Rhythm Cardiologist. He spent 12 years working at the Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Center in Nashville, TN. He has now moved back to the University of Calgary in Canada and he has founded the Calgary Autonomic Investigation & Management Clinic. He is currently Professor of Cardiac Science at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute and the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine.

Nasia Sheikh, MSc

Student Clinical Researcher

University of Calgary

Nasia Sheikh is a recent MSc graduate from the Cardiovascular & Respiratory Sciences program at the University of Calgary. She completed her degree in the Autonomic Research Lab under the supervision of Dr. Satish Raj and her research focus is Initial Orthostatic Hypotension.
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