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PRWeek Convene: Trust in Technology

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2021
Time: 12PM-2PM ET/9AM-11AM PT

Much as it does in your personal life, technology plays a huge, consistent, and irreplaceable role in your job as a communicator. And while comms benefits greatly, there are still many uncertainties. Data is in seemingly endless supply, but can you identify the most relevant intelligence? And know what to do with it if you can? Information is available 24-7-365, but can you – or anyone – differentiate real information from dis- or misinformation – as either a creator and/or a consumer of it? And how do ongoing seismic changes in Washington impact Big Tech, all tech, and every consumer who relies on them so much?

This PRWeek virtual event will drill deep into the many ways technology and communications intersect – from the capabilities tech brings to the discipline to the developing reputational challenges some in the tech industry face.

12pm-12:40pm ET:
CommsTech: PR’s not-so-secret weapon
Sponsored by Edelman

From managing risk to generating revenue, from empowering employees to supporting other stakeholders, the responsibilities communicators now assume are broader and greater than ever. In this session, we highlight the myriad ways CommsTech is helping PR pros do their jobs better and cement their place in the C-suite.

Jim O’Leary

global corporate chair

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Joe Cohen

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

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Susan Waldron

VP, head of corporate communications
American Century Investments

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12:45pm-1:20pm ET:
The future of communications? Just listen

The past year has seen a boom in video-based meetings and events – both for internal and external audiences. However, amid all this, audio-only options are gaining in popularity, too. Podcasts are a platform more and more brands are employing, while specific channels such as Clubhouse are making serious headway. Simplicity and user-friendliness are among the reasons often cited. In this session, we discuss the possibilities and long-term viability of audio-focused social networks and platforms, as well as some pitfalls to avoid as this technology grows in usage and popularity.

Bret Werner


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Megan Hueter

VP of marketing and customer experience

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1:25pm-2pm ET:
What a New Washington Means for Big Tech
Sponsored by Precision

A new president. Democrat control of Congress. The still developing impact of the events at the Capitol on January 6 – and social media’s role in it. The ground has shifted fundamentally for tech-focused companies. They must develop new strategies on the policy and comms fronts, particularly as it pertains to Section 230, antitrust policy and regulatory efforts and privacy. Insights and counsel on what to look for and how to move forward will be plentiful during this session.

Jenn Ridder

Managing Director, Mobilization & Campaign Management

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Mike Spahn

Managing Director, Communications

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