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Title: AI + BI: Fueling Deeper Business Insights and Edge

Date: 6/30/2020

Time: 9:00 AM PDT

Duration: 60 minutes


Today, businesses are being asked to do more with less, while finding new ways to not only stay competitive, but also outpace the competition. Most often, these same businesses also find themselves armed with a plethora of data, that when leveraged with the right technology, can help achieve the mission at hand.

In this latest Data Science Central webinar, hear from two organizations that are coupling their data with artificial intelligence (AI) to power their business intelligence (BI) forecasts and dashboards.  At the intersection of data and creative, strategy and execution, Tinuiti partners with brands to identify, engage, and acquire, retain, and reactivate customers across their digital journey. Meanwhile, Texas Mutual Insurance Company, the leading workers' compensation provider for its namesake state, works to meet the daily needs of more than 64,000 business owners and their 1.4 million workers. Despite being in very different industries and having two very different goals, these two leading organizations both realize that the combination of AI + BI can help them more effectively and efficiently achieve success.  

Register for this webinar and learn:

• How Tinuiti and Texas Mutual are leveraging AI and BI to uncover more powerful insights faster, and what it means for each of their respective businesses

• Why democratizing data insights beyond the data science team and line of business is key to empowering all decision makers with relevant insights

• How DataRobot and Tableau contribute to greater business productivity and edge, as well as business recovery during these challenging times

Roger D. Humecky
, Vice President, Advanced Analytics - Texas Mutual Insurance
Annica Nesty
, Senior Director, Marketing Science - Tinuiti
Emily Webber
, Customer Facing Data Scientist - DataRobot
Blair Hutchinson
, Product Manager - Tableau

Hosted by: 
Stephanie Glen, Editorial Director - Data Science Central

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