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Optimal Health Across Different Life Stages with Natural Astaxanthin

Start Date:2nd October 2019

Start Time:15.00 Paris / 09.00 New York

Duration:45 minutes


The healthy aging market is booming and shows no sign of slowing down and it isn´t just older consumers who are driving demand within this space. Increasing awareness regarding the importance of aging well and taking a preventative approach early on presents a huge opportunity for science backed ingredients across a range of demographics.

Join AstaReal as we discuss the trends driving the healthy aging market forward, where key opportunities lie and consumer needs that can be met with natural astaxanthin. Discover how natural astaxanthin has the ability to target the root cause of aging through its ability to promote mitochondrial health and how this can be used to address the health concerns of consumers across all life stages.

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Andie Long

Sales & Marketing Manager

Andie Long is the Sales & Marketing Manager for AstaReal´s European team. She has a specialization in marketing and behavioral studies from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and international experience from the consumer product, sport and nutraceutical industries. AstaReal Group provides its partners with expert R&D, regulatory, product development and marketing support, and for the past 6 years Andie has contributed to these efforts at both business and consumer level in Europe, China and Africa.

Leonhard Thunn-Hohenstein

Key Account Manager

Leonhard Thunn-Hohenstein works as a Key Account Manager for AstaReal and holds a master´s degree in Nutritional Sciences from Stockholm University in Sweden. Leonhard has an in-depth knowledge of the commercial, research and marketing aspects of the nutraceutical industry. He is a passionate advocate of science backed, functional molecules like astaxanthin that help to improve health and wellbeing. Leonhard has worked closely with AstaReal´s partners, providing nutritional and scientific advice and guidance for new product development.

Laxmi Haigh

Deputy Editor, CNS Media

Laxmi Haigh (BA Hons, MSc) is the Deputy Editor of and

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