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Next Generation Plant Protein

Start Date: 19 February, 2020

Start Time: 12:45pm CET (Paris)

End Time: 6:45pm CET (Paris)

Plant-based foods have evolved from functional replacements for meat and dairy to products that mimic the taste, texture and aroma of meat. This has expanded the sector’s appeal to flexitarian consumers, engaging with people who are making a conscious decision about food.

Important updates include identifying new protein sources, like fava bean and lupin, and better isolates of existing protein sources, such as pea with reduced ‘beany’ notes. Innovation has concentrated on sensory product attributes and getting protein content in the same range as the animal-based items being replaced. The overall nutritional profile of the finished product has received less attention, meaning that many are high in fat or salt.

The next phase of innovation in the sector is poised to deliver ‘the best of both worlds’: products with a superior taste experience that also provide optimal nutrition.

As technical developments continue apace, what does the future hold for innovation in alternative proteins? Join FoodNavigator and an expert panel to find out.

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