Fighting Fatigue in the Workplace

START DATE:1/27/2022

Start Time:2:00 PM EST

Duration:60 minutes


Workplaces across industries continue to seek innovative solutions to the ongoing fatigue problem among workers, an issue that contributes to billions of dollars in overhead costs for employers across the country and around the world. Caused by a range of factors including rest patterns, scheduling and rostering tactics, consecutive shift work, and high levels of exertion during shifts, fatigue costs employers between $1,200 and $3,100 per employee per year. For an enterprise with 1,000 employees, that amounts to a loss of $1.4 million per year or more.

Experts will explore how data from recent case studies illuminate solutions that employers can utilize to minimize fatigue among their workers. We will showcase findings from a study of fatigue in aviation settings. In conclusion, the speakers will define several key new strategies for fighting fatigue in the workplace, from the increased data analysis provided by on-site observation to the immediate improvements that can be generated with technological integration.

  • Discuss root causes and costs of chronic fatigue among workers
  • Showcase studies that provide revelatory fatigue information from employees in common work environments
  • Highlight proactive, innovative strategies for fatigue management, including benefits from improved worker engagement, data collection, and technological services

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Kevin Lombardo

President & CEO


For 20 years as the nation’s leading wellness-based pain management and injury prevention company, DORN has been keeping people out of the healthcare and workers' compensation systems through its onsite therapy, education, ergonomic, and technology solutions. DORN’S focus is the elimination of pain and discomfort caused by musculoskeletal and soft tissue problems. Working with major enterprises such as Intel, Alcon, Sealy Mattress, the University of California, and many other businesses and municipalities, DORN has reached over 100,000 employees and saved employers more than $100 million in workers' comp and healthcare costs with a 600% annual ROI as validated by third parties. Be it through ergonomic assessments, PainFree treatments, or coaching and training, DORN's solutions reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve the overall safety culture of the organization. As President and CEO of DORN Companies, Kevin Lombardo uses his 20 years of thought leadership and extensive expertise in the injury prevention space to spearhead the development of DORN's innovative solutions around pain mitigation, injury prevention, workplace ergonomics, fatigue management, aging workforces, and safety technology. His substantial experience in the injury prevention space centers on cutting costs through evidence-based, results-driven programming that can be scaled and adapted to serve a wide range of worker and organization types. Along with his background in healthcare and senior corporate leadership, Kevin's unique perspective illuminates the critical intersections between talent, assets, and ideas—the dynamic formula that drives business performance.

Maria Elena Gomez-Mejia

Sr. Advisor, Human Factors US & Latin America Operations

Solaris Fatigue Management

Having spent almost two decades at the highest levels of the human factors fields, Maria Elena Gomez-Mejia brings a wealth of experience in human performance, fatigue management, and occupational safety. Gomez-Mejia holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology from Tulane University as well as an M.S. degree in Applied Psychology specializing in human factors and ergonomic safety. Her professional experience includes leading human performance training teams for the United States Air Force, where she trained over 4,500 student pilots and developed safety protocols for high-level combat aviation crews. She later became Chief of the Air Force’s Human Factors Division, where she co-authored a concept of operations for a cutting-edge remote combat performance enhancement team. Gomez-Mejia now works as a Senior Advisor of Human Factors for US and Latin American Operations at Solaris Fatigue Management.

In addition to her considerable experience in safety trend analysis and developing human performance training programs, Gomez-Mejia also has a long track record of teaching complex physiological, psychological, and ergonomic subject matter in high-pressure environments. The fatigue management training curriculum she developed during her time training Air Force crews has been disseminated to thousands of students, and she has spoken at an array of professional conferences and engagements around the topic of human performance and occupation safety.


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