3D Printing Never Tasted So Good in F&B


Duration:60 minutes


The food and beverage industry has increased 3D printing usage in the past six months to keep up with increased demands after changes from working in a “new way” this year. This webinar introduces you to how 3D printing is being used in this industry and what are the unique benefits of doing so.

The key learning objectives are:
  1. Application examples specific to the food and beverage industry
  2. Suitable materials for unique food and beverage needs
  3. How does 3D printing change the supply chain from a centralized manufacturing location to distributed manufacturing?
  4. What parameters to consider when choosing a 3D printer


Dylan George

Lead Application Engineer


Dylan George is the Lead Application Engineer at Ultimaker. Dylan has 15+ years of manufacturing experience and over 6 years working with 3D printing. Much of that time has been spent with both designing parts and tooling as well as processes around creating the 3D printed components. His first-hand experience from automotive manufacturing lends itself well to ensuring repeatable processes, analyzing manufacturing line performance, and finding opportunities to improve quality and throughput.



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