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Real Time Idea Screening

Start Date:6/9/2020

Start Time:12:00 PM CDT

Duration:60 minutes


The 2019 definition of agility is outdated in the TIME-OF-COVID-19. We need real-time idea screening to facilitate real-time decisions. 

In 2019, we all talked about how we were acting with new agility. This definition of agility seems quaint now as we deal with seismic changes that affect all of our businesses. Moving forward in this market requires new ideas and a new way to test those ideas. This webinar will showcase Upsiide, a mobile-first idea screening platform that allows for real-time feedback on your ideas. We will demonstrate the tool using a case study that is highly relevant – we tested ideas with American workers to identify ideas that will help employees to feel safe once they return to their workplaces. 

From this webinar, you will learn
  • A new approach to real-time idea screening 
  • Ideas on how to effectively mange return to work 

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Michael Edwards

Dig Insights

Michael Edwards has worked in consumer insights since 1995. So by now he has some strong opinions on the topic. He is one of the founders of Dig Insights, which is consistently ranked as one of the most innovative consumer insights agencies globally. At Dig Insights, Michael is working to reinvent the language of consumer insights. The ultimate goal of Dig Insights is to communicate with respondents as humans and to communicate with clients as business consultants. Three tools: technology, sophisticated analytics and data visualization make this possible.
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