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What’s Your Strategy For “Speed-of-Flow”, Cost Center or Profit Cntr? Modern Warehouse/DC Design & Performance Metrics Concepts

Start Date:7/23/2019

Start Time:12:00 PM CDT

Duration:75 minutes


Are you considering bringing your DC/Warehouse into the “mainstream? Will you be able to handle any projected increases in sales with the same workforce or just end up throwing more bodies at it? How do you go about mitigating the “constraints” you face?

It could be a wise investment if it’s financially measurable, and has a verifiable and tangible return in terms of reducing transaction costs – now – while attaining “future cost avoidance” opportunities as you continue to grow.

This presentation will identify the common “wastes” of major warehouse and distribution center activities and the lean thinking methods and technologies available that debunk what has been, for too long, current thinking within the context of small, medium and large size wholesale distributors.


  • The key forces driving change; becoming a “value-based product & service provider”.
  • The 10+ most common wastes and causes of non-productive time.
  • What is it, exactly, that you have to rethink?
  • Why warehousing is all about “speed-of-flow”.
  • Utilizing proven warehouse design concepts.
  • Some great places to begin your strategy.
  • What gets measured? Connecting the dots; operational key performance metrics vs. customer-facing metrics.
  • The resistance to change, overcoming it.
  • What’s the next “big thing” in warehousing? What this transformative period holds.

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Howard W. Coleman


MCA Associates

MCA Associates, a management consulting firm since 1986, works with wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies that are seeking and are committed to operational excellence. MCA Associates staff of Senior Consultants provide operational excellence – thought leadership - and implements continuous improvement solutions focused on business process re-engineering, inventory and supply chain management, sales development and revenue generation, information systems and technology, organizational assessment and development, and family-business succession planning. MCA Associates may be contacted at 203-732-0603, or by email at Visit our website at

Robbie LaRocca

Solutions Specialist

DDI System

Robert LaRocca works as a Senior Solutions Expert and Implementation Specialist at DDI System, a leading provider of ERP Software for wholesale distributors. In his 6 years with DDI, Robert has led an array projects that drive distributors to achieve operational efficiency with a focus on successful transitions and implementations. His unique expertise in warehouse management and logistics, has helped dozens of distributors identify and correct operational workflows to capitalize on efficiencies. Robert often attends industry-specific events where he frequently provides in-depth customer support and showcases the latest features of Inform ERP Software. Robert holds both his Bachelor’s degree and a Master's from Monmouth University and resides in New Jersey with his wife.
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