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Lasting transformation in patient engagement and adherence in the new era of healthcare


Time:1:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes

The past 12 months have accelerated the innovation cycle within biopharma, which has led to novel introductions of approaches and technologies to engage with key healthcare stakeholders. Many of these transformations have quickly proven to be both effective and efficient and, given their favorable impact and adoption, are expected to outlast the COVID-19 era. The remote interaction models rooted in personalization and advanced analytics will reshape how life sciences companies maximize their engagement models in the future. Balancing digital health and the human connection will be a critical success factor for the industry to achieve the best results in their efforts.

Join VMS BioMarketing on May 19 as we host a webinar in partnership with MM+M to discuss the innovations from the COVID era that are expected to be a part of our new normal, and the best practices we’re seeing in the industry as engagement models are being designed for the new era, beyond the pandemic.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand current state of patient and healthcare provider engagement with the return of in-person interactions
  • Identify lasting innovations of the COVID-19 era, including advanced analytical tools, virtual engagement technologies and primary point of contact, models
  • Learn best practices from the industry to maximize engagement by balancing both in-person and virtual interactions, using digital health literacy predictors and hybrid models, among other solutions

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Andrea Heslin Smiley

President and CEO

VMS BioMarketing

Andrea Heslin Smiley serves as president and CEO of VMS BioMarketing. She joined VMS in 2008 to lead the company's strategic marketing and brand development business units and was named president and CEO in 2011. Prior to joining VMS, Andrea spent 18 years at Eli Lilly and Company, leading multiple business units and product strategies. She is an industry expert on patient and provider engagement and adherence and she consults with a wide range of leading biopharma company clients, providing advice on strategy, adherence, and behavior change with a particular focus on rare disease. She is a regularly invited speaker and panel member at industry conferences and serves on the boards of directors of Rockwell Medical, Inc. and Assertio (formerly Zyla Life Sciences). She earned her BA in economics from DePauw University where she was an Honors Management Fellow.
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