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Active Ageing: Distinct Nutrition, Distinct Innovation?

Start Date:10/12/2019

Start Time:16:00 CET

Duration:60 minutes


The aging population is the fastest growing segment of society and increasingly, longer lifespans mean many of us will spend longer in elderhood than in middle-age or childhood.

A longer life brings great opportunities, however the extent to which individuals and society can benefit from these extra years depends heavily on one key factor: health.

At an individual level, while the ageing process is different for everyone, nutrition and exercise are key factors that can impact the quality of ageing.

Active Aging: Distinct Nutrition, Distinct Innovation?

Older adults have different nutrition and product needs compared to younger people and this is a growing area of opportunity for food innovation.

As a food or beverage manufacturer, how can you respond to meet this opportunity space?

Join us for the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute Webinar where we will review current and emerging nutrition research on active ageing, and provide insights on:

  • Established and emerging evidence around the role of nutrition and its impact on supporting physical and mental health as we age.
  • Key need states, challenges and opportunities that the food and beverage industry face when positioning products for active agers.
Key factors to consider that will help you better navigate this innovation space.

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Dr. Caoileann Murphy

Registered Dietitian and Postdoctoral Fellow
Institute of Sport and Health in University College, Dublin
Dr. Caoileann Murphy (MSc, PhD) is a Registered Dietitian and Postdoctoral Fellow in the Institute of Sport and Health in University College, Dublin. Caoileann’s research investigates the role of nutrition and exercise in slowing the age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength, with the goal of developing lifestyle strategies to improve healthy ageing.

Dr. Aoife Marie Murphy

Nutrition Scientist

Kerry Group

Nutrition Scientist
Kerry Taste & Nutrition
Dr. Aoife Marie Murphy (PhD) is a Nutrition Scientist at Kerry Taste & Nutrition. Aoife works with Kerry’s multi-dimensional team identifying scientific opportunities to help advance nutritional reformulation and innovation for Kerry’s customers, across Europe and Asian markets. Aoife graduated from University College Dublin with a PhD in Nutrition and has a keen interest in the role of diet on metabolic health. Before joining Kerry Aoife spent seven years in nutrition research across Ireland, UK, US and Singapore and lectured on the BSc Food & Human Nutrition degree at Newcastle University in Singapore.

Laxmi Haigh

Deputy Editor
CNS Media
Laxmi Haigh (BA Hons, MSc) is the Deputy Editor of and

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