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Establishing the Microbiota in the Pig

A FeedNavigator editorial webinar

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Start Date:November 27, 2018

Start Time:4:00pm CET (Paris) | 10:00am ET (New York)

Duration:60 minutes


Reaching a beneficial intestinal microbiota early in life is desirable for piglets, as microbiota will impact their future health.

The contribution of gastrointestinal tract microbiota to pig health and performance, including metabolism of nutrients, stimulation of immune response, and protection is becoming increasingly evident.

Researchers are exploring how to start the piglet off well, through sow nutrition and setting the gut up well, to improve weaning and then rely less on antibiotics. Then, they say, it is about finding ways to alleviate some of the stresses and pressures on the animal, and look after them during the challenged times as well.

Our webinar will explore the latest insights on this subject with some of the world's leading experts.


Nuria Canibe

Senior Researcher
Aarhus University

I got my veterinary degree in 1990 at the University of Zaragoza, Spain, and in 1995, my Ph. D. degree at The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Denmark. My main research activity during the last years has been microbial ecology of pigs, with focus on the impact of feeding strategies like fermented liquid feed, addition of organic acids, plant materials or probiotics to the feed, and changes in feed processing on the gastrointestinal ecology and growth performance. Strategies like microbiota fecal transplantation have also been a part of my research.

Francesc Molist

R&D Manager
Schothorst Feed Research

Francesc Molist, veterinarian and nutritionist, joined Schothorst Feed Research as a researcher and consultant in 2011. Since 2017 he leads the research group as Research and Development Manager. Schothorst Feed Research provides consulting services animal nutrition in more than 22 countries, representing a total of 9% of the world production of feed.

During his Masters and Doctorate in Animal Science at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, he collaborated with several major research groups in swine nutrition from across the world. Francesc is the author of numerous scientific publications as well as articles in scientific journals and conferences.

Shah Hasan

Monogastric Nutrition and Gut Health
University of Helsinki

I am Shah Hasan trained as a veterinarian and obtained my MSc degree from Denmark and Finland in Farm animal production (Stable to table) as an EU Erasmus Mundus fellow. Currently I am working as a technical support for global market in a leading Finnish feed company. I am also involved in different research project as a visiting researcher in University of Helsinki, where my PhD thesis is under evaluation, topic “The role of colostrum quality, development of intestinal microbiota and immunocompetence, in neonate piglet mortality”. I have an expertise in sustainable animal production, animal nutrition, and functional feed development, sales and marketing. Our current research focused on gut microbiota development and immune modulation in neonatal piglets, and finding antibiotic alternative for monogatric animals. I am an entrepreneurial-minded with a long-term plan, focused on the utilization of my research knowledge in the business development.

Jane Byrne

Senior Editor

Jane has over 16 years’ experience in the field of communications and journalism. She has written extensively on a range of diverse topics from current affairs to politics to education to food production, packaging, safety and ingredients. Previously senior editor of FoodNavigator, she now heads up the FEED division of WRBM.


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