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The Transformation and Disruption of Super-Apps and Digital Wallets

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Smooth online transactions are the gold standard in today’s consumer-driven market, forcing businesses across all industries and regions to pivot in order to meet evolving consumer demands. Enter the growing adoption of super-apps and digital wallets, two global trends transforming digital commerce as they gain wider consumer acceptance and grow in new markets. And yet, while digital innovations of this scale can lead to opportunity, businesses must also understand the unique security, privacy and regulatory challenges involved – or risk losing highly valuable, hard-earned consumer trust.

Join us for TransUnion’s upcoming webinar as we dig deeper into this evolving digital infrastructure, including:

  • Global perceptions and growth patterns of super-apps and digital wallets
  • A look at their power to disrupt the relationship between businesses and their consumers
  • The associated risks of increased account takeover, application fraud and credit card fraud
  • • Fraud prevention and identity proofing strategies that can be implemented to build trust in faceless channels

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Angie White

TransUnion Fraud and Identity Solutions Senior Manager


For more than a decade, Angie White has helped companies better understand fraud, cybersecurity, regulatory issues and all manner of technologies ranging from data centers to multifactor authentication. She has authored numerous reports and papers focused on the evolution of fraud, risk-based authentication and the impact of key regulatory requirements such as GDPR and PSD2. When she’s not presenting about how to make the web a safer place, you can find her exploring the Pacific Northwest.

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