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AARP KY - Cooking with Chef Nick - 81920

Start Date:8/19/2020

Start Time:1:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


Join AARP Kentucky and Chef Nick in creating a delicious dish for 2, all from your own home. This month’s dish includes breaded chicken, oven roasted veggies and a salad! Download the ingredients list and be sure to get all of the ingredients in advance and let’s get cooking.

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Jerry Nicholas Clemons, Jr


I grew up in Central Kentucky in a household where both parents worked. My mother would mostly cook our dinners and we would be responsible for getting them on the stove and warmed up. During the holidays I would help make a variety of candies and cakes. During the summer we raised a large garden and most dinners were literally what we had just picked from the garden. I enlisted in the Navy directly out of high school. I’ve visited over 27 different countries, trying the local cuisine in all. After I left the Navy I worked for US Airways for 20+ years. I worked up and down the East Coast in various cities, again trying all of the local cuisines. This made my love of cooking even more prevalent in my life. While working with the airline in 1997 I lost my right eye due to complications from a cataract surgery. At that point I was only 34 years old. After four months of recovery I went back to work. Working with no depth perception was hard but I adapted. It did make cooking a bit hazardous at times. In 2005 I took early retirement from US Airways and moved home to live full-time with my family again after 20 years. For my wife and two daughters this took some getting used to. I shared the cooking duties with my wife and my love of cooking with my daughters. We have a ritual wherever or whatever were eating, we’re discussing and diagnosing everything we’re being served. We discuss what ingredients are in the dish and how we could adapt it to make it our own. Then in 2007, while working for a local industrial maintenance company, I had an accident and lost over 50% of the usable vision in my left eye. At this point, my love of cooking was put to the test. After a lengthy recover my wife and I switched roles in the household. To add one more wrinkle to this, my youngest daughter became a vegetarian. So fast forward to present day. Both daughters have moved out. It’s just my wife and I with our two dogs. I love watching cooking shows. (All cooking shows) I loved Rachael Ray’s 30 minute meals, but as an empty-nester still thought there should be a show for us. I try to focus on easy and nutritious meals that can be adapted to any number of meat or vegetables dishes. I focus on dishes that don’t require 16 ingredients. Don’t get me wrong I love to fix some extravagant dishes and have people’s faces light up when they taste it, but that’s just not always feasible. I look back to my old military days with a quote from my drill instructor: KISS - keep it simple stupid - with a little of me thrown in. So easy, a blind man could do it!
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