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Trekking across a more personalized content journey


Time:1:00 PM EDT

Duration:30 minutes

COVID-19 has further accelerated pharma brands’ shift toward digital channels to meet their marketing needs. As HCPs receive more and more promotional content, it’s increasingly important for brands to make a positive first impression and provide meaningful information — and this requires personalization.  

In this presentation, we introduce strategies for meeting HCPs’ individual content needs and brands’ business objectives. Over the course of the presentation, we will explore the following themes:
  • Given the trend of reduced rep access, how is pharma marketing evolving?
  • Where to start when seeking audience-level insights?
  • What are key considerations to tailor content journeys on a unique platform basis?

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Leigh MacDonald

epocrates Strategic Solutions Manager


Leigh MacDonald has spent more than 10 years in the medical communications field, from a global health marketing firm to epocrates, the #1 medical app. Her background as a medical editor and writer informs her ability to align brands’ content strategy and key objectives with audience preferences. Leveraging an evidence-based approach that examines therapeutic area trends and specialty-specific engagement behavior, Leigh has a particular interest in designing personalized campaigns for optimal performance.
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