2/1 McKnight's Product Theater

Please join us at the McKnight's Product Theater and learn about the newest innovations from two prominent industry organizations. Sessions are designed to be concise but informative and will offer a glimpse into the latest technology that will help you run a more successful business in this environment.

Session 1: Positively impact retention and morale by reimagining reward and recognition: Lessons learned from COVID-19  

Time: 10:00am ET

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While COVID-19 vaccines have been a game changer for senior living providers, there remain plenty of challenges, including unprecedented labor pressures. Drawing on lessons learned during the height of the pandemic, some industry leaders have introduced innovative ways to support their people and bolster morale. This in turn has created healthcare environments where employees feel motivated, valued and connected to one another – and their organization’s overall purpose. The result? More agile, engaged and loyal employees that consistently deliver high quality care and drive a better resident experience.

Attend this session to learn how to: 
  • Deliver a reward and recognition program that improves employee engagement, performance and wellbeing in meaningful ways, such as in-the-moment recognition for frontline workers
  • Offer reward and recognition best practices proven to maximize impact on your core business metrics, such as flexibility, choice transparency and even custom rewards
  • Create a reward and recognition experience that brings your unique company culture to life
  • Reduce HR administration while adding more moments of reward and recognition
Ryann Redmond

Senior Consultant, Engagement Solutions
Reward Gateway

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Session 2: It’s not your grandfather’s nursing home anymore

Time: 10:30am ET

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Twenty minutes that will change your product, your profitability and your reputation. Mordy Eisenberg shares the tools and the processes that have reduced hospitalizations by as much as 90%, increased reimbursements, and improved resident satisfaction.

Mordy Eisenberg, NHA

Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer

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