Where Are We Going At The Edge: A Look Ahead

Available On-demand Until November 4, 2022

Duration:60 minutes


Even before COVID 19, we were talking about The Edge.  Edge Computing, Edge Applications, Edge as a Service, the Edge Data Center, Cloud Edge.  And on and on.  And certainly, The Edge has lived up to its potential, especially as we fight a host of disruptors resulting from the global pandemic

But where do we go from here?  And what is next at The Edge?

This presentation will not look into some mythical crystal ball.  We will not present specific predictions for the future Edge.  Or introduce another new term for what The Edge can do.  Rather, current trends and their impact on The Edge will be reviewed.  And critically – a sense of what we should be looking for from The Edge as we move from this global megatrend on to the next one.

Discussion points will include:
  • Discuss new technology and application disruptors at The Edge
  • Where does The Edge fit in to the new IT landscape
  • Challenges created by Edge solutions – social, economic, operational
  • What’s next (maybe) at The Edge

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Herb Villa

Senior IT Systems Consultant

Rittal North America

Herb is Senior IT Systems Consultant with Rittal Corporation, the global leader in modular enclosure solutions. With a background in mechanical engineering, Herb has over 20 years of experience in the IT market, having been involved in all aspects of data center and system design, installation and operations. Herb has also benefited from multiple vantage points – data center operator, manufacturer, systems integrator and corporate trainer. This experience has been used to provide training to end users and engineers & consultants in a variety of forums including conferences, on-site and on-line. Herb has put this knowledge to work for a variety of clients including Fortune 500, financial services, education, government and content and entertainment organizations. Active member of ASHRAE TC9.9, The Green Grid and has also participated in other industry organizations and consortiums. Certified CDCDP (Data Center Design professional)



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