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The effect of probiotics on gastrointestinal symptoms in adults, a clinical study


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Start Date:19 May 2020

Start Time:9:00 AM CDT

Duration:60 minutes


As consumer awareness and interest around the probiotic space continues to grow, probiotic manufacturers must focus on clinical research to support their offerings. UAS Labs has been investing in research for over 40 years and recently completed one of the world’s largest probiotic-digestive health studies. Join Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Greg Leyer, as he shares the results of a study which used a unique, parallel-arm design to assess the effect of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains on problematic gastrointestinal symptoms in over 300 subjects.


Dr. Greg Leyer

Chief Scientific Officer
UAS Labs

Dr. Leyer has dedicated his career to probiotic advancement making him a world-renowned expert, educator and speaker in the field. He leads research in probiotic bioprocess development, application development, and clinical sciences. To-date he has authored or co-authored 24 publications.

Kevin Mehring

President / CEO
UAS Labs

Mehring is an entrepreneur, business professional and instrumental member of the probiotic industry. Serving as President of the International Probiotics Association, Kevin chairs the manufacturing committee focused on guidelines to ensure quality and efficacy of probiotic products.

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