Taking Your Plant-Based Foods & Beverages to the Next Level – Outstanding Consumer Experience


Duration:60 minutes


You’ve made the decision to go with plant-based nutrition in your product. But if you’re like most people, you’ve struggled with the issues it presents in formulating a great product – par­ticularly at higher protein levels or in gluten-free applications.

Artesa Chickpea Protein and Artesa Chickpea Flour work alone or together to bring enhanced nutrition to your formulations. In low moisture systems, our taste, texture and ability to maintain the structure of foods makes formulating great products easier. In high moisture sys­tems like beverages, our small particle size, high dissolution level and suspend­ability mean less ‘grittiness’, a better mouthfeel, better taste and better in-product quality.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to revolutionary chickpea protein concentrate and chickpea flour
  • Ingredient qualities that improve formulation taste & product quality in high protein and gluten-free applications
  • Case histories where Artesa ingredients solved formulating issues and helped create great products in baked goods, pasta, snacks, high pH beverages and frozen foods
  • Creative food concepts for taking the plant-based food revolution to new categories


Michael Spinelli

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
Nutriati, Inc.

Michael Spinelli comes from consumer food, with a long background in product development from the bench to the supermarket shelf. He spent 18 years at Ben & Jerry’s and then Unilever and had a leadership role in the development of the Sabra Hummus brand. Which is where we became intimately involved with the suddenly trendy chickpea. Michael has extensive experience in food product development and commercialization.

After spending over two decades in leadership roles at major food companies, Michael is driven to improve our food supply by offering new approaches to product development and nutrition.

Steve Fink

Vice President, Marketing
PLT Health Solutions

Steve Fink is PLT Health Solutions Vice President of Marketing. He brings over a decade of marketing, product development and commercialization experience to PLT, and today oversees new product launch efforts, supports PLT’s innovation partners with marketing strategies, and works closely with PLT customers in developing concepts for consumer products featuring PLT ingredients. Prior to joining PLT, Steve was the Global Marketing Business Manager for Ajinomoto North America where he led that organization’s B2B and B2C marketing initiatives for branded bulk amino acid portfolios, R&D pre-scale pharmaceutical ingredient portfolios, and retail sports supplements portfolios. During his tenure he spearheaded the company’s launch of the AjiPure active lifestyle retail nutrition brand. Earlier in his career, he practiced law as a patent, trademark, copyright and intellectual property attorney.

April Welsh

Sr. Culinary Food Scientist


Culinary Food Technologist
Nutriati, Inc.

April Welsh is a key fixture of Nutriati’s Culinary Center, where she works on incorporating Artesa Chickpea Flour and Artesa Chickpea Protein into formulations that meet customer expectations for organoleptics and processing – as well as developing new commercial concepts for the food, beverage and supplements markets. Prior to joining Nutriati, April worked at Agrana Fruit US as a Product Developer, assisting in the commercialization of new consumer products based on her company’s ingredients. A former Apprentice Cheesemaker, April has a Bachelor of Food Science and Environmental Nutrition from The University of Akron.



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Taking Your Plant-Based Foods & Beverages to the Next Level – Outstanding Consumer Experience
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