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IFCO 2020 - Belonging in a world of care

Start Date:2/3/2021

Start Time:10:00 AM EST

Duration:60 minutes


Belonging in a world of care: Strategies to increase belonging and identity for children in alternative care

Belonging is a basic need of all humans, a need that is often interrupted and undermined when a child experiences care. This international panel will take you through journeys of four stakeholder perspectives on how multiple stakeholders can promote belonging and healing for our children in alternative care.

IFCO 2020 Organizing Partners:

International Foster Care Organisation
Child Welfare League of Canada
Youth in Care Canada
Canadian Association of Social Workers
Centre for Research on Children and Families
Canadian Foster Family Association
Équipe de recherche sur le placement et l’adoption

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Carrie Harrop

Carrie has over 10 years of direct work experience with young people in care and care leavers within the charity and HEI sector, plus over 20 years of lived experiences of the care system and beyond. She is a experienced member of board of directors with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organisation management industry. Currently studying her Masters in Childhood, Youth and Social policy, while working full time for a user led Care Leaver charity, supporting young care leavers. In addition to professional and personal experience of the care system, Carrie was also a young kinship carer of her younger brother for 6 years. Carrie believes that every child in alternative care and beyond should be provided with the safe space to explore their experiences, and be supported to realise their potential. She also believes that carers should be recognised and supported through the sometimes very taxing support they provide young people and children.

Lacy Dicharry

Lacy Dicharry, MS, MBA, CDTLF, is a speaker, author, coach, consultant, and an internationally known expert in stakeholder engagement, change management, and leadership development. Over the past 19 years, her work has impacted more than 250,000+ individuals in more than 45+ countries across 6 continents. Lacy is a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator, based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, the President of the International Foster Care Organisation, and the Secretary/Treasurer of Mental Health America. Currently, Lacy is writing a book 'Lived Experience Leadership: How we gain leadership skills through overcoming adversity', and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Leadership and Human Resource Development.

Stacy Blythe

Dr Stacy Blythe is a Registered Nurse, Senior Research Fellow, and Deputy Director of the Translational Research and Social Innovation (TReSI) Group. Her research focuses on the health and well-being of children in out-of-home care and their families (birth/foster/adoptive). As a lecturer in Infant Mental Health, she is particularly interested in infants who are prenatally exposed to harmful substances (eg. illicit drugs). In addition to her nursing, teaching and research qualifications, Stacy has post graduate certification in Developmental Trauma and over 15 years of experience as an authorised foster carer.

Jo Derrick

Jo is IFCO Vice-President with a focus on partnerships, membership, and projects on behalf of the charity and is also Chair of the Youth Committee. As a foster carer herself for over 10 years Jo is committed to supporting a culture where carers can create loving, nurturing alternative family-based care underpinned by trauma-informed and relationship-based practice. Drawing on her near 20-year experience working within the fostering and children's services sector in leadership roles, Jo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the perspective of leading organizational culture and change; supporting the workforce and foster carers to make a positive and lasting difference in children and young people's lives. Working alongside, and amplifying the voice of Care Leavers and those with lived experience of family-based alternative care, is fundamental to creating a culture of belonging and Jo will draw on her current role as CEO of Staf, Scotland’s membership organization for all those involved in the lives of young people leaving care, to ensure their voice is heard and influences policy and practice at a local, national and international level.

Rachel Gouin

Executive Director

Child Welfare League of Canada

Rachel Gouin is the Executive Director of the Child Welfare League of Canada. She holds a PhD in Education from McGill University and a Masters in Political Management from Carleton University. An entrepreneurial non-profit leader, Rachel is known for rallying people to a common cause. Prior to the Child Welfare League of Canada, Rachel served as Director of Research and Public Policy with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, where she advocated for the health and well-being of children and youth and raised millions for innovative programs. Rachel has extensive experience in government relations, fundraising, and partnerships.