The New COVID World: Ventilation, Filtration, and Belt Drives are the Key to a Healthy Environment

Available On-demand Until April 28, 2022

Duration:60 minutes


Did You Know?
Experts recommend increasing ventilation filtration ratings to a minimum of MERV-13 to reduce the risk of infection.  However, a filter with an increased MERV rating can also increase resistance and may require adjustments in fan/blower belt drive components and electric motors.

Learning Objectives:
  • Expert Recommendations for Upgrading MERV Ratings
  • Re-evaluating Belt Drives and Components
  • 5 Steps to Belt Drive Efficiency
  • Browning’s new TorqTitan V-Belt - A maintenance free belt that is 30% stronger than our previous generation notched belt.

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Jesse Dupuis

Business Leader — HVAC & Components

Regal Beloit Corporation

In his role as the director of marketing for Regal Beloit Canada, Jesse specializes in electrical/mechanical HVAC systems with a focus on V-belt driven technology. He is well-versed in system optimization, proper installation techniques and component selection best practices. Throughout his career, Jesse has worked with commercial and industrial institutions across North America, has collaborated with government agencies on efficiency and energy rebate programs, and has presented at several HVAC industry association shows. Jesse earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Western Ontario.



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