I am Because We are: Ubuntu.

Start Date:3/16/2021

Start Time:11:00 AM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


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Celebrate World Social Work Day with CASW and the Senate of Canada

Webinar Summary: 
This National Social Work and World Social Work Day will be unlike any other. March is a time to come together and celebrate the impact social workers have on their clients, their communities, and the healthcare field.
Social Workers are Essential. 

Although we may not be hosting in-person celebrations this year, CASW and the Senate of Canada have joined forces to host two online events aimed to celebrate, and honour, the work of Social Workers this past year.  
Webinar Objectives: 
This panel, comprised of Senators from the Social Work Profession, will present the ideas, peoples and places that have inspired them in their careers – the giants in social work -- as well as the individuals in our communities that have molded and mentored each Senator’s professional paths within the profession. 
Second, the Senators will speak on their work, as well as the Parliament of Canada in addressing pervasive and systemic racism in Canada, and the role of social workers in social justice movements.

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The Honourable Wanda Thomas Bernard

PhD, C.M., O.N.S. Senator – Nova Scotia (East Preston)

The Honourable Wanda Thomas Bernard, Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard is the first African Nova Scotian woman to be appointed to the Senate of Canada, representing the province of Nova Scotia and her hometown of East Preston. Senator Bernard champions issues impacting African Canadians and people living with disabilities. She is particularly invested in human rights, employment equity, and mental health. Through her involvement in community projects, her social work career, her time with Dalhousie School of Social Work, and now her work in the Senate and as Deputy Chair of the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights, Senator Bernard has maintained a deep dedication to social justice and racial justice. Senator Bernard advocates for reparations for the historic and continued anti-Black racism impacting the lives of African Canadians in her work.

The Honourable Nancy Hartling

ONB Senator for New Brunswick

Nancy J. Hartling was appointed to the Senate as an independent Senator for New Brunswick in November 2016. With a career focused on families and social issues, she is well versed on mental health, poverty, violence against women, and affordable housing. She has advocated extensively for socio-economic issues facing families, particularly single parents and their children. Senator Hartling is a dedicated proponent of social justice and human rights and is an advocate for issues relating to mental health, diabetes, and Basic Income.

The Honourable Margaret Dawn Anderson

Margaret Dawn Anderson is a proud Inuvialuk who has been a public servant with the Government of the Northwest Territories for more than 20 years, working with communities and Indigenous peoples across the Northwest Territories (N.W.T.). As part of her Master of Arts program in Indigenous Governance, Ms. Anderson is currently working as a Policy Analyst intern with the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation to prepare her defence for the Community Governance Project. In this role, she has participated in Inuvialuit self-government negotiations between the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, the Government of the Northwest Territories, and the Government of Canada. Before returning to school, Ms. Anderson served in various roles with the Government of Northwest Territories Department of Justice. Notably, she was the Director of Community Justice and Policing, where she implemented positive changes to the territorial justice system. She also helped develop and implement the territory’s Wellness Court Program, a therapeutic program that attempts to reduce recidivism by treating underlying issues like mental health, addictions, and cognitive challenges. Ms. Anderson’s dedication to her community and to improving the lives of others is best displayed through her Planning Action Responsibly Toward Non-violent Empowered Relationships (PARTNER) project, a northern-based program for low to medium risk domestic violence offenders, and her work as an active member of the Working Group for Domestic Violence Treatment Options Court. She also conducted a review of the N.W.T.’s community justice program through consultations, which resulted in a report with several recommendations to improve community-based programming. Ms. Anderson is a two-time recipient of the territorial Premier’s Award for Excellence for her leadership and commitment to improving her community. From the Senate website: ----- Fonctionnaire au sein du gouvernement des Territoires du Nord-Ouest (T. N.-O.) depuis plus de 20 ans, Margaret Dawn Anderson est une fière Inuvialuite qui a travaillé avec des communautés et des peuples autochtones du territoire. Dans le cadre de ses études de maîtrise en gouvernance autochtone, Mme Anderson effectue actuellement un stage à titre d’analyste des politiques à la Société régionale inuvialuit. Ce stage lui permettra de se préparer à défendre le projet de gouvernance communautaire. En tant qu’analyste des politiques, elle a participé aux négociations sur l’autonomie gouvernementale des Inuvialuit entre la Société régionale inuvialuit, le gouvernement des T. N.-O. et le gouvernement du Canada. Avant de retourner aux études, Mme Anderson a occupé divers postes au sein du ministère de la Justice des Territoires du Nord-Ouest. Elle a notamment assumé les fonctions de directrice de la Division de la justice communautaire et des services de police communautaires, où elle a apporté des changements positifs au système judiciaire des T. N.-O. Elle a aidé à créer et à mettre en place le Tribunal du mieux-être des T. N.-O., un programme thérapeutique qui tente de réduire le taux de récidivisme en traitant des problèmes sous-jacents comme la santé mentale, la dépendance et des difficultés cognitives. L’engagement de Mme Anderson à aider sa communauté et à améliorer la vie des autres se traduit par son projet P.A.R.T.N.E.R. (planification de mesures raisonnables pour favoriser des relations non empreintes de violence), un programme du Nord s’adressant aux délinquants de faible à moyen risque qui ont commis des gestes de violence conjugale. Son engagement s’illustre également dans ses travaux en tant que membre active du groupe de travail attitré au Tribunal pour l’instruction des causes de violence conjugale. Elle a aussi effectué un examen du programme de justice communautaire des T. N.-O. dans le cadre duquel elle a mené des consultations. Ces efforts ont mené à la rédaction d’un rapport contenant plusieurs recommandations visant l’amélioration des programmes communautaires. Mme Anderson s’est vu décerner à deux reprises le Prix d’excellence du premier ministre du gouvernement des T. N.-O. pour son leadership et son engagement à améliorer sa communauté. Du site internet du Sénat du Canada :

Joan Davis-Whelan


Joan is a graduate of Memorial University, completing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 1979, and her Bachelor of Social Work in 1981. She completed her Master of Social Work in 1992. She has certificates in Discharge Planning, Leadership Development, Quality Management and Ethics. Well known in the Social Work community, Joan has experience in clinical practice including Adult and Child Mental Health and Addictions, Family Violence, Oncology, Palliative Care, Dermatology, Medicine, Nephrology, Surgery, Emergency/ Trauma, Women's Health and Child, Youth and Family Services. She has worked in Quality and Risk and in Human Resources –Organizational Development. She has been involved with several community boards and committees including Canadian Mental Health Association, Addiction Treatment Services Association, PREP and ACCESS. She was a member of the provincial working group for the clinical review 2008 of Child, Youth and Family Services. Joan has presented on various topics including grief and loss, team dynamics, change management and social work practice. Her areas of interest include social work competencies and education, leadership, clinical services, ethics and evaluation.