Getting In-Line: Challenges and Benefits of Embedded Measurement


Duration:60 minutes


In-line/near-line measurement provides the potential for fast, flexible, efficient inspection that increases throughput without compromising quality. Shop floor measurement however, carries unique challenges and requires a special mix of capabilities to ensure optimal results. In this webinar, measurement experts detail the realities of in-line/near-line measurement and the benefits that can be experienced in its proper use.

You’ll learn about:

  • Key considerations associated with in-line measurement, including; space limitations along the line, necessity for 24/7 uptime, manufacturing floor temperature variances, debris and irritant considerations and maintenance concerns
  • Technologies and procedures to mitigate these challenges
  • Process, logic and productivity benefits of implementing effective in-line/near-line inspection systems
  • Choosing the right shop floor measurement partner

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Michael Creney

Vice President of Product Management
Mitutoyo America Corporation

Michael brings nearly 40 years of quality measurement industry experience, with extensive knowledge of systems and software related to in-line/near-line measurement. His focus on future product development has seen him at the cutting edge of metrology innovation and make him a true expert in the field of precision measurement.



Getting In-Line: Challenges and Benefits of Embedded Measurement
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