Dairy Testing Technologies for Agility and Innovation

On Demand Until March 30, 2022

Duration:60 minutes


Efficiency and high throughput are critical in dairy processing. Together with the dairy industry, PerkinElmer continues to innovate, bringing new solutions to the table. Rapid, reliable, user-friendly and compliant: the latest additions include a dedicated FTIR milk analyzer, upgraded in-line NIR sensor, new software and extended calibrations. 

In this webinar, we discover these comprehensive dairy testing technologies for compositional screening. We also meet the RVA for functionality testing, which elucidates the effects of processing and synergy on ingredient performance. How are some operations so agile? Come find out for yourself!

Learning objectives:
  • Connect PerkinElmer's solutions to where they fit into your process.
  • Describe how the Lactoscope FTIR and Diode Array NIR instruments enable quality and compositional testing of dairy in the lab as well as online.
  • Identify the uses of a Rapid Visco Analyzer (RVA) in dairy functionality testing, QC activities and in new product development.
  • Compare each instrument’s benefits including efficiency (e.g. minimal sample preparation) and integrated software against conventional methods of analysis.


Emily Moore



Dr. Emily Moore is a Field Application Scientist at PerkinElmer, specializing in compositional and functional analysis instruments for food quality testing. Based in Ontario, Canada, she supports agri-food customers across the country by connecting analytical solutions to each challenge and providing assistance in developing new applications and methods.


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