Even in a world where we have to be apart, we are standing up for the idea of playing together. This is the time to invest in play as a way of energising ourselves, a way to help us learn, develop new skills and strategies, to cope and deal with a rapidly changing world.

In our virtual playground we will be hosting a variety of live play experiences from the 15th – 19th of June, for you to join. Some will leave you breathless, some will challenge you and hopefully all will inspire you, while you are at home or at work. You can join whenever it suits you, as there will be activities to do and see besides the live play experiences. We are so excited and looking forward to seeing you. 
Let’s #PlayTogetherApart

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This event is a virtual space where we can all come together and have fun. We will be recording the event and you, as a participant, may be seen on screen by the other participants and event organizers. If you are not comfortable with your voice and face being seen and recorded, please make sure to turn off your computer’s camera and microphone so that you will not be recorded when you attend the event.


LEGO Virtual Play Week
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