Waste or Commodity? Turning Processing Byproducts into Energy and Healthy Soils with Anaerobic Digestion

On Demand Until May 28, 2021

Duration:60 minutes


Often burdened by waste disposal challenges and high-cost fuel needs, large-scale agriculture producers and meat processors ­– including cattle ranches, cash-grain, poultry, and dairy farms ­– are constantly looking for new opportunities to divert discarded organic material away from overstuffed landfills (without sacrificing their bottom line).

This webcast will explore how innovative waste processing solutions like Anaerobic Digestion can be integrated and/or retrofitted onto existing farmland operations, reducing hauling costs, minimizing groundwater contamination, and advancing overall environmental sustainability objectives.

Attendees will:
  • Discover how a leading poultry producer is making anaerobic digestion a cornerstone of its sustainability plans.
  • Learn how farmers and meat producers can turn food waste into a valuable commodity.
  • Build an understanding of how anaerobic digestion works - and how various approaches to AD differ.
  • Develop an appreciation for the business and sustainability benefits of advanced waste management solutions like AD.

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Shawn Kreloff

BioEnergy DevCo

Mr. Kreloff has a 30-year history of successful entrepreneurial ventures and investments. Throughout his career he has participated in the founding, operating, financing and advisory of over 25 different companies.

Bioenergy DevCo (BDC) began as a research project for Kreloff. Through his research, he quickly discovered the far-reaching benefits of anaerobic digestion technology including environmental sustainability, the creation of renewable energy, and excellent plant economics. Kreloff also recognized the urgent need for this technology to help tackle our planet's growing organic waste problem. Anaerobic digestion's natural microbial process is a truly sustainable solution to waste management yielding healthier and cleaner air, water and soil while simultaneously creating renewable energy and organic fertilizer.

Kreloff's investment thesis for BDC is to marry BTS's proven anaerobic digestion technology with plant financing, engineering, project development, and to guarantee energy yields and plant performance. The last part of the thesis is to bring this solution to the United States and the rest of the world.

Steve Levitsky

VP of Sustainability
Perdue Farms

As Vice President of Sustainability, Steve Levitsky oversees Perdue Farms’ environmental stewardship programs and is responsible for creating a vision for sustainability within the company. This includes advancing the company’s progress in achieving sustainable growth by working with fellow associates to identify improvements related to the social, environmental and economic aspects of Perdue’s operations, and working collaboratively with the company’s stakeholders.

Steve has served on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals since 2012. He is on the Maryland State Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities by appointment of the governor. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental resource management, a master’s degree in business administration and has completed graduate degree soil science classes to obtain soil scientist certification. All of his degrees are from Pennsylvania State University.



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Waste or Commodity? Turning Processing Byproducts into Energy and Healthy Soils with Anaerobic Digestion
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