European Data Protection - CIPP/E

DATE: NOVEMBER 4th & 5TH, 2021




European data protection laws are among the strictest privacy laws in the world. Is your organization ready? Do you know how to maintain a data privacy program? This course provides a foundation for newly appointed individuals or those looking to become more credentialed for European laws and regulations, specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the ePrivacy Directive, and other regional European laws and regulations.

During this course, attendees learn to dissect the European model for privacy enforcement, key privacy terminology, and practical concepts concerning the protection of personal data and cross-border data flow.

In completing this program, participants will successfully be able to: 
  • Describe data processing principles, GDPR scope, consent, legitimate interests, and special categories of personal information.
  • Outline European privacy rules and requirements, including data subject rights, privacy notices, and transparency.
  • Recall European regulatory structures, concepts of data protection, processing obligations around employee data, surveillance, marketing, and Internet considerations.
  • Define GDPR essential elements and integration practices into compliance frameworks, including accountability, Data Protection by Design and Default, Data Protection Impact Assessments, and Data Protection Officer roles and responsibilities. 
This course also provides an overview of the European Union, the Council for Europe, the Court of Justice of the EU, and the European Court of Human Rights. As an attendee of this course, you will understand the differences between the GDPR, the ePrivacy Directive, and related legislation such as the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU and the European Convention on Human Rights, along with the ability to trace the evolution of data protection laws, including the Data Protection Directive and the GDPR. Finally, the course provides background on the EU’s regulatory bodies, roles, powers, and procedures of supervisory authorities and provides an overview of remedies, liabilities, penalties, and administrative fines.

Attendees receive a $750 credit for BDO’s Blockchain in Privacy training in January 2022 (a 5-hour CPE course). 

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James Amsler



James Amsler is a Director for the firm’s Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) practice. Well-versed in data privacy, litigation readiness, and information life cycle management disciplines, he ensures that clients maximize the value of their information assets by understanding and implementing the appropriate compliance controls relevant to their data ecosystem. He has more than 25 years of professional experience focused on information lifecycle management, data protection, and information governance, helping clients meet regulatory and compliance mandates such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). In addition to leading privacy and client engagements, James is also a recognized leader and speaker within the Privacy and Information Governance disciplines themselves, having spoken on a variety of topics related to privacy, information governance, data discovery, information lifecycle management, and Infonomics at conferences and industry events. As an expert in the implementation and administration of privacy programs and was named a Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) by the International Association of Privacy Professional (IAPP). James is also well-versed in European and United States privacy regulations and has conducted IAPP certification courses preparing privacy professionals for key industry certifications.

Prior to joining BDO, James led presales teams for several software vendors, including Information Governance, Software Development, and Messaging / Middleware platforms. He developed a series of customer experience courses for the IBM WebSphere product line, allowing customers and prospects to build out and test sandbox and pre-production environments as a means to proving out the viability of proposed solutions. He was also a developer for SAP, contributing to the development and maintenance of key supporting technologies within the SAP CRM line.

With this deep experience in the software world, he therefore also serves as a GRC liaison to a broad portfolio of technology vendor partners, including information governance, e-discovery, cybersecurity, and privacy technology platforms. In this role, James identifies opportunities to leverage technologies to support or augment client compliance programs and helps technology partners secure the advisory services they need to make their clients successful.

As a basketball player at Vanderbilt University, James was named to the 1989 Academic All-SEC team.

Karen Schuler

Principal; Governance, Risk & Compliance National Practice Leader Global Privacy Services Co-Leader


Karen has a broad background in managing businesses that provide governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) services. With nearly 30 years of experience, she builds and manages organizations that provide data protection (privacy and cybersecurity compliance), digital forensics, cyber investigations, and data breach notifications, as well as having focused those teams and her career on providing subject matter expertise across the GRC spectrum.

As founder of one of the first digital forensics consulting firms in the 90’s, she quickly became a thought leader in the areas of e-discovery and digital forensics and focused on intellectual property, securities and insider trading investigations. Over the years she has authored wide-ranging information governance, data protection and e-discovery books and articles and has provided expert testimony for several high stake’s litigations, among being named an expert in more than 100 cases.

  Prior to BDO, she held senior level positions in the above specialties and worked as a Senior Forensic Examiner for the United States Securities & Exchange Commission. She has also held board positions with industry associations and information governance companies in the past.   Karen currently serves as the Data Protection Officer (DPO) for Fortune 50 and Fortune 1000 companies across several industries. In her capacity she has worked with Data Protection Authorities, Supervisory Authorities and Data Subjects on EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obligations. As well she regularly reviews and evaluates privacy operations, individual rights management capabilities, and data governance requirements. And, finally, she works with her privacy clients to ensure global compliance and to assist them with establishing privacy and governance operations.

Individuals must cancel at least a minimum of 1 week prior to the start time of the first session in order to receive a full refund. Course registrations cannot be canceled less than 1 week prior to the first session.If you are no longer able to attend and it is past the 1 week mark, we are able to offer you a credit for a future course. 

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