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Technical Analysis Asia Presented by the Chartered Market Technicians Association Singapore and Bloomberg

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Time:5:00 PM SGT

Duration:100 minutes

Bloomberg, in partnership with The Singapore Chapter of the CMT Association invites you to our online session on 1st Dec 2020. In this webinar we will be covering a broad range of interesting topics such as:
  • Bitcoin: Portfolio implications and New Analytical Tools
    The rapid evolution of the bitcoin and its unique store of value properties is garnering institutional interest as a valid alternative asset in a world of rampant money printing. Join a discussion on how this emerging asset is building portfolio resilience, learn about a simple bitcoin technical system and harness new concepts and indicators that are forming a completely new analytical foundation for cryptocurrency investing.
  • Dual Momentum Models
    One of the most important concepts that underlies technical analysis is “Momentum”. Momentum as defined in Physics is loosely defined as “mass in motion”. The more “motion” or “mass” that the object has, the stronger its momentum. In the financial markets, momentum doesn’t tell the direction of the market, however, it measures the rate of the rise or fall in market prices. Jake Chow, CMT will be sharing with our participants how his researched-backed momentum models can efficiently screen for trading signals. He will also be sharing about how traders and investors alike can apply momentum models in a practical manner in their own trading.
  • Multi Time Frame and Intermarket Correlation
    When it comes to trading using technical analysis, most retail traders tend to look at a single time frame based on their trading styles. However, our speaker for this topic, Isaac Lim, CMT, CFTe would like to propose that technical analysis should always be done with a proper process-driven approach and in a systematic manner. By applying technical analysis to multiple time frames and looking across different markets and/or asset classes, traders are able to be more aware of correlation risks that may exist in their trades and also be able to trade in line with the larger trend.
We encourage you to invite clients or colleagues interested in technical analysis to this very interesting presentation and discussion. 


Jamie Douglas Coutts

Buy-Side Equity Workflow Specialist


Jamie Coutts, CMT, CFTe is a dedicated investment industry professional with experience in investment advisory, equity sales, buy and sell side trading roles. For the past several years in his capacity as the Buyside Equity Specialist at Bloomberg Singapore, Jamie has developed a proven track record in delivering enterprise solutions and managing projects for global and regional asset managers, focusing on quantitative trading strategies, ESG integration, research management solutions (RMS) and broker evaluation. He is also a regular content contributor to the Functions for the Market article series on the Bloomberg terminal.  Jamie also continues to focus his energy on proprietary trading systems while advancing the discipline of technical analysis as a global board member for the Chartered Market Technicians (CMT) Association, APAC lead and co-chair for the Singapore Chapter.  A proponent of financial market innovation, Jamie believes cryptocurrencies will continue to disrupt the legacy financial markets and sees Bitcoin as an emergent store of value.

Isaac Lim, CMT, CFTe

Chief Market Technician/Manager

Everest Fortune Group

Isaac Lim, CMT, CFTe is currently the Chief Market Technician at Everest Fortune Group. For his current and previous roles, he provides reactionary trading strategies and market insights on a daily basis to leading buy-side names and institutions. He has developed a discretionary methodology of using a systematic and process driven approach that combines classical technical analysis, multi time-frame, intermarket correlation analysis and Macroeconomics to analyse the markets.  This allows Isaac to identify key inflexion price levels in each market, thereby allowing his clients to best position themselves regardless of their investment mandate. He also provides daily consultations with key decision makers such as Senior Portfolio Managers and Senior traders sitting within well-known Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and even Financial Institutions. He was a contributing member of the team that won the 2017 The Technical Analyst – “Best Independent Equities Research”, 2018 The Technical Analyst – “Best Independent Research House (Emerging markets and Multi-Assets) awards and also voted as one of the finalists for “Best FX research” and “Best Equities research” categories for the 2020 awards.

Jake Chow

Market Strategist

CGS-CIMB Securities

Jake Damien Chow, CMT, is a market strategist with CGS-CIMB Research. He is responsible for overseeing the development of technical and quantitative research capabilities within the firm.  A strong advocate of systematic trading and investing, he was awarded as the 3rd best investment speaker during the INVEST Fair 2019.  Jake currently researches, develops and manages in-house quantitative trading and investment strategies.  He also contributes to firm’s regional technical research publication “Trendspotter” covering Hong Kong equities.  His research interests include multi-factor modelling, dynamic asset allocation, sector rotation, alpha signal generation, risk optimisation, portfolio construction, global macro strategies, algorithmic trading and behavioural finance.  Jake holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Economics and Finance from the RMIT University (Melbourne). He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), member of the CMT Association and co-chair of the Singapore CMT Chapter. 
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