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The Face of Fraud in Multi-Family

Date Aired:11/28/2018

Duration:60 minutes


In recent years, the emergence of fraud in the multi-family industry has come to light. What hasn’t been fully understood is what forms fraud can take, how hard it is to detect and the evolving level of sophistication shown by fraudsters.

In this webinar, in addition to exploring the types of fraud impacting the multi-family industry, we'll reveal results from a third-party survey we conducted that shed light on how rampant and pervasive the issue is and the implications for the property management universe. We’ll share industry case studies of fraud and address the misconception that your screening tool also serves as an identity management solution. As a result, you’ll gain a better understanding of what fraud looks like and what a strong and proactive prevention plan entails.

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Patience Hackler

Patience Hackler is the product manager of TransUnion’s suite of resident quality management products, primarily focused on ResidentScreening, ResidentID® and ResidentCredit ®. Prior to her current role, Hackler spent four years supporting our customers as an account manager and brings that experience to her current role of developing solutions that improve the user experience and increase customer satisfaction. Prior to TransUnion, Hackler spent seven years in various account management roles, including leading fundraising campaigns for major health non-profits. Hackler received bachelor’s degree in marketing from Ball State University.



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