US Companion Animal Otics Webinar - Session 1 - October 16, 2018

Start Date:10/16/2018

Start Time:12:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


What is Otitis Externa? Dr. Butler reviews ear anatomy, as well as causes of acute and chronic cases of Otitis Externa. Specifically focusing on cytology with many photo examples, she will also explore expectations and communication with clients, as well as steroid and antibiotic options, plus proper cleaning for treatment.

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Dr. Debera Butler

Dr. Debera A. Butler has always had a passion for animals. Her grandfather was a veterinarian and at 4 years old, she found out “doggie doctors” existed and wanted to follow in his footsteps. She has had dogs her entire life, primarily Cocker Spaniels, which explains her love of treating ear and skin diseases. Dr. Butler practiced small animal medicine in Arizona for 15 years and continues to practice part-time on weekends, and is currently a Senior Professional Services Veterinarian for Merck Animal Health’s Companion Animal business.

Dr. Meghan Burns, DVM

Dr. Meghan Burns, DVM is the Principal and Founder of Connect Veterinary Consulting which focuses on companion animal marketing strategy for the animal health industry. She is currently consulting with Merck Animal Health in the Product Lifecycle Management team as a Marketing Liaison providing technical support to the Companion Animal Marketing team.

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