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Pancare Living Well Series:
Improving your emotional wellbeing through Mindfulness. 

Start Date:04/05/2021

Start Time:1:00 PM AEST

Duration:60 minutes


When you have been affected by an upper GI cancer you may experience an array of emotions that can significantly impact emotional and mental wellbeing. People often describe feeling overwhelmed or stressed, unable to sleep, or ‘switch off’, and struggle to focus or be productive in their daily lives. These can be normal occurrences, and may leave people feeling unsure about how to help themselves or the person they love. 

Sabina Vitacca is known as ‘The personal trainer for the mind’ and is a sought-after expert on Mindfulness. Join Sabina as a part of our Living Well Series in an introduction to Mindfulness, as a way of improving your personal wellbeing and changing into a more conscious way of behaving.

  • Understand what mindfulness is and the scientific proof points behind how and why it can help calm your busy mind.
  • Explore how being more aware and conscious of the present moment, enjoying the here and now, can improve your focus and energy.
  • Learn tools and techniques to add to your Mindfulness toolbelt, to enable you to live more mindfully both at home and at work, every day.
  • Explore a greater understanding of your personal triggers for overwhelm and how to recognise signs that your mental health might need some care.
  • Learn to nourish your body with simple techniques and practice, to positively impact on your thoughts, actions and behaviours.

The session will also allow plenty of time to have your questions answered.

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Sabina Vitacca

Mindfulness Consultant

Sabina has over a decade of experience working with individuals to integrate mindfulness practices to overcome feelings of stress, overwhelm, lack of focus and engagement in all aspects of their private and professional lives. Sabina’s professional experience in the mental health field informs both her understanding and teaching of mindfulness. She is a proud member of the national peak body- Meditation Association of Australia. Sabina is passionate about supporting people in learning how to utilise mindfulness in their day-to-day life, and will share some practical strategies and equip your Mindfulness toolbelt. With a belief that mindfulness is not something that is practiced occasionally but rather becomes a way of life to positively shape your thoughts, actions and behaviours, Sabina will share how to incorporate Mindfulness to manage overwhelm, increase your focus and experience a greater sense of emotional wellbeing.

Cara Markovic

Pancare’s Living Well Series has been made possible thanks to generous support from the Dry July Foundation.
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