Foreign Body Materials: Management Principles and Root Cause Investigations

On Demand Until August 24, 2022

Duration:60 minutes

While zero defects is the ultimate goal, nearly every food business will experience a foreign body incident at some point. Most businesses focus on microbiological hazards as they are the most well-known food safety risk, but foreign bodies also pose a risk and should not be ignored.

A good food defense program is key to preventing foreign body intrusions, but once an object is discovered, what happens next?

This webinar discusses foreign body principles and introduces two fast and effective tools, FTIR and XRF, which are used to assist in the root-cause investigation and identification.

Key learning objectives:
  • Food safety impact of foreign bodies
  • Foreign body principles: build awareness, promote best practices and develop prevention plans
  • Analytical tools with a focus on XRF and FTIR to assist in root cause investigations
  • Real factory-level case study examples


Brian Schaefer

QA manager

Nestle USA

Brian Schaefer currently Microbiology & Technical Services Manager for the Nestle Quality Assurance Center located in Dublin, Ohio. He has worked for Nestlé for 10 years, dedicated to quality and food safety testing and innovation. His past positions within Nestlé have included Interim Factory QA Manger, Microbiology Lab Manager, and Microbiologist. Brian is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where he earned his bachelors of science.

Daniel Smieszek

Microbiology Supervisor

Nestle Quality Assurance Center Dublin

Daniel is an analytical expert in Foreign Bodies, Microbiology, Allergens & GMO. He has over 17 years’ experience in various roles for analytical food testing laboratories and obtained PCQI certification. His current role focuses on supervising laboratory operations for Foreign Body Identification & technical support for the Nestlé Quality Assurance Center. He has been with Nestlé for the past 7 years with a focus on Foreign Body identification for the past 3 years. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Molecular Genetics from The Ohio State University.

(Moderator) Barbara VanRenterghem, Ph.D.

Editorial Director

Food Safety Magazine

Barbara VanRenterghem, Ph.D., is the editorial director of Food Safety Magazine, a position she has held since 2008. From 2005–2008, she was the chief editor of Controlled Environments Magazine and the science editor of Animal Lab News and Lab Manager Magazine at Vicon Publishing. At Eaton Publishing (1999–2005), she rose from the positions of assistant scientific editor for BioTechniques and acquisitions editor for BioTechniques Press to the editor of content development and acquisitions and director of commercial product development. While at Eaton (then acquired by Informa), she served as the chief editor of Preclinica. She received a B.Sc. in biology in 1989 from Bowling Green State University and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology in 1994 from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.


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