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Family Offices: Trends & Opportunities 家族辦公室: 趨勢與機遇

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As the third-richest city in the world with 80 billionaires listed in the Forbes World's Billionaire List 2021, Hong Kong sits firmly at the center of Asia's family office boom, attracting increasing numbers of wealthy families seeking to grow and preserve their wealth.

Join us for a discussion of regulatory changes and industry trends with implications for the city's burgeoning family office sector. Our speakers include leaders and executives from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Invest Hong Kong, the Family Office Association of Hong Kong, Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange, digital asset trading platform, single-family office, and an international fintech law firm.

Discussion topics: 
  • Prevalent trends for family offices
  • Government support for the industry
  • Opportunities in digital asset investment
  • Tips for family offices
This event will be conducted in Cantonese only. 

隨著「家族辦公室」 (Family Office) 在亞洲地區越顯普及,香港蟬聯全球富豪榜三甲。彭博 (Bloomberg L.P.) 在香港這個重要的國際金融樞紐,為客戶群提供着一個既獨特又專業的溝通平台。

我們誠意邀請您參與 【家族辦公室: 趨勢與機遇】網上研討會, 是次演講嘉賓包括:香港金融管理局、投資推廣署、香港家族辦公室協會、黃金白銀交易所、數字資產交易平台、單一家族辦公室、和國際金融科技律師行的高級行政人員等。如果想了解更多政府對家族辦公室的最新政策和數字資產的趨勢,歡迎報名參加,與我們一起為香港家族辦公室建立一個更豐盛的未來。

  • 家族辦公室的趨勢
  • 政府對業界的支持
  • 數字資產投資機遇
  • 家族辦公室的分享


Mr. Anson Law 羅學賢先生

Market Outreach Division, External Department

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Mr. Dixon Wong 黃恆德先生

Head of Financial Services and Global Head of Family Office

Invest Hong Kong

Ms. Ronna Chao 曹惠婷女士

Chief Executive Officer

Novel Investment Partners Limited

Mr. Chi Man Kwan 關志敏先生


Family Office Association Hong Kong

Dr. Haywood Cheung 張德熙博士


Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange

Mr. Ken Lo 盧建邦先生

Deputy Chairman

BC Technology Group

Ms. Frankie Tam 譚穎思小姐

International Fintech Lawyer

Eversheds Sutherland

Mr. Baldwin Choy 蔡澄暉先生

Head of Hedge Funds and Family Offices Hong Kong

Bloomberg L.P.

Mr. SC Yau 游兆聰先生

Head of Workflow Specialist Asia Pacific

Bloomberg L.P.

Becky Ho

Senior Relationship Manager, Hedge Funds and Family Offices Hong Kong


Ms. Moby Hon 韓珈琪小姐

Account Manager, Hedge Funds and Family Offices Hong Kong

Bloomberg L.P.

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