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The Digitalisation of Flavour: How Data and Machine Learning Can Transform Food Systems

A FoodNavigator editorial webinar

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Start Date:14 February 2019

Start Time:4:00pm CET (Paris) | 10:00am ET (New York)

Duration:60 minutes


Cutting edge developments at the intersection between flavour science and artificial intelligence are poised to revolutionise global food systems.

From the creation of the ‘Internet of Food’ to machine learning technology that can predict flavour pairings, tools are being developed that can contribute solutions to some of the gravest challenges facing the food sector.

With diet sitting at the centre of issues like public health and climate change, these advances will have far-reaching consequences on innovation, health, nutrition and environmental impact. Advances in the field will enable the food sector to radically optimise flavour formulation and product development.

FoodNavigator has gathered a panel of experts at the forefront of this potentially game-changing field. Join us in our online forum to learn about these ground-breaking advances from the pioneers of taste and data science.


Mathieu Asté

Founder and CEO
iSense Ltd

Mathieu Asté has spent 22 years in the ingredient industry in different functions ranging from technical service to business development, sales, global account management and marketing.

His professional journey started crossing west Africa for a development organisation, prior to joining the CIAT, a research institute in Colombia in the mid 90’s. There he discovered starch & derivatives and joined INGREDION in Germany before moving to Switzerland.

Flavors is a fascinating business that Mathieu discovered in 2011 while working for IFF. In 2015, he moved to Singapore where he spent three years, heading IFF Regional Marketing, Category and SCI.

Although the flavor industry realizes the potential of digital applications, it lacks independent, reliable and affordable taste data to enable a digital business model. iSense was founded in August 2018 to address flavor house needs for data and digital tools.

iSense is an independent sensory operation dedicated to flavors, creating unique sensory profiles for individual flavors. It provides an online flavor collection management tool, a flavor marketplace and a unique search function. With iSense, clients from both the flavor and the food industry will derive productivity, innovation and ultimately growth.

Christian Sobolta

Head Of Business Development & Innovation

Christian has held leadership roles in food and beverage flavour industry for over 18 years, including senior positions at companies Barry Callebaut , Firmenich and Givaudan.

He is passionate about bringing innovation to the industry and linking food and digitalisation by FlavorWiki

Bernard Lahousse

Co-Founder & Science Director

Bernard Lahousse is co-founder of the company Foodpairing®, the plant-based company Sympli Good Food and the robotics company Tailor-made drinks. Armed with a master’s degree in bio-engineering and intellectual property rights, he makes it his life's work to ponder the intersections of food and science.

Matthew Lange, Ph.D.

Food and Health Informatician
University of California, Davis

Dr. Lange’s research program is helping to define and shape a new scientific discipline known as Food Informatics, while simultaneously enabling the engineering of a computable infrastructure for the burgeoning Internet of Food (IoF).

Part Semantic Web (SemWeb), part Internet of Things (IoT), the IoF is the global, evolving knowledge base of food that exists as ontologies and linked object data (LOD) stores. These IoF infrastructure components allow anyone on the Internet to contribute what they know about food and also find answers to their questions.

As the IoF matures, terminologies used to store information in, and query from, these repositories must be harmonized using standardized, structured vocabularies. These terminologies, known as ontologies, enable interoperability between internet devices as well as query by people via natural language text. In addition to enabling computational interoperability and query--standardization of ontology terms and their axiomatic relationships facilitates artificial intelligence via reasoning and deep learning. In connection with engineering infrastructure for the Internet of Food. Flavor, and its ability to shape individual preferences and market dynamics is a major target of food computability in the Lange Lab.

Katy Askew

Senior Editor

Katy Askew is a business journalist who has written about the global food industry for more than a decade. She joined FoodNavigator as editor in 2017. Prior to this, she worked across various print and online publications. Katy’s areas of interest include market trends, sustainability issues and corporate development.


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