Behavior-Based Safety: Why You Should Rethink Your Approach


Duration:60 minutes


Behavior-based safety’s initial allure was due, in part, to its simplistic message: since workers already know the right way to do things, preventing injuries is simply a matter of reminding them to do it the right way. We know now that the reason why people do the things they do is much more nuanced. As a result, a program once heralded as a special elixir to heal all safety program wounds is now falling out of favor with EHS professionals, who cite it as nothing more than a “blame the worker” approach that erodes trust and damages safety culture. 

Behavior-based safety isn’t about checklists, or audits or creating more rules. It’s about creating a culture of safety where we take interest and look out for others to ensure they go home without harm, everyday.  

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The main challenges with traditional behavior-based-safety (BBS) approaches
  • The principles of human error and why people choose to take risks at work
  • Ways you can re-design your company’s BBS program to build greater trust and cooperation
  • How technology can help you optimize your BBS data to support safety culture excellence

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Darren Sutton

Senior Partner

Darren is a Senior Partner at RMS Switzerland. Darren is an elite performance psychologist who is passionate about helping people and their organisations become the very best that they can be. Prior to joining RMS, he held a variety of leadership roles in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Darren specializes in organizational culture transformation through leadership and Behaviour-Based Safety. He was commissioned by the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (‘IOSH’) to create the world’s only IOSH approved and certificated Behaviour-Based Safety leadership program, which RMS is pleased to offer its clients. Darren’s projects currently include safety leadership and change projects for top tier clients including JaguarLandRover, EDF, IKEA, Groupe Bel, MarsWrigley, Merck, Solvay and others.

Professor Dr. Andrew Sharman

Founder and CEO

Professor Doctor Andrew Sharman is the managing partner of international culture and leadership consultancy RMS, he holds Masters degrees in international health and safety law, and in industrial psychology and organisational behaviour and a doctoral degree in leadership & culture transformation. He revels in the interplay between compliance and culture. With a safety career exceeding two decades he has guided global leaders in their commitment to zero accidents and towards safety excellence across a range of industry sectors including aviation, construction, power generation and supply, fast moving consumer goods, oil and gas, and manufacturing. His experience now spans more than 130 countries across five continents.



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