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Journal of Marketing: Webinar for Marketing Professionals (September 2019)

Start Date:9/11/2019

Start Time:1:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


Eat your lunch with leading professors and gain actionable insights based on peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Selling to Barricaded Buyers

Presenters: Brian Murtha (University of Kentucy) and Kevin Chase (Clemson University)

To ensure fair and competitive purchase processes, most states and many leading organizations limit the amount of contact suppliers have with their buying team members once their request for proposals (RFPs) hit the streets. How, then, can suppliers effectively sell to buyers who are sheltered by these barricades? Brian Murtha and Kevin Chase will share tips with salespeople that can be used to shape the RFP and influence post-RFP selling dynamics to enhance supplier competitiveness when selling to these barricaded buyers.

The Role of Marketer Generated Content in Customer Engagement Marketing

Presenters: Kelly Hewett (University of Tennessee) and Michel Ballings (University of Tennessee)

Marketers of experiential events including concerts, sports competitions, and other sponsored events, often post informational or emotional social media to drive engagement or influence customers’ perceptions of their event experiences. Following a poor performance, can a marketer effectively engage customers and enhance the sentiment of customers’ social media contributions based on the firm’s own posts, and if so, what should those posts say? Kelly Hewett and Michael Ballings share the results of their study and advice to marketers.

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Brian Murtha

Associate Professor and E. Vernon & William Smith Endowed Fellow

University of Kentucky

Kevin Chase

Assistant Professor

Clemson University

Kelly Hewett

Associate Professor

University of Tennessee

Michel Ballings

Nancy & David McKinney Faculty Research Fellow, Assistant Professor

University of Tennessee

Page Moreau


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