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Coffee's Hot History

Food Historian Lecture Series with Francine Segan, Presented by AARP


DURATION:60 minutes

SUMMARY: Explore coffee's exciting origins and learn why coffee was a food, not a beverage, in ancient times. This lecture will uncover how coffee traveled from its native Africa to Java and beyond as we discuss how coffee is grown, roasted, brewed, and enjoyed around the world. Learn how to make a perfect cup of coffee, coffee trends and even how to cook with coffee in this amusing talk.

Join us LIVE for a lecture and Q&A where you can ask your questions. Please note, this event is not recorded and will not be available on demand.

This is a FREE event, but advanced registration is required.


Francine Segan

Francine Segan, an expert on Italian cuisine and noted food historian, is an engaging public speaker, author, and TV personality. She lectures across the country, bringing her lively presentation to numerous Town Hall groups, Women’s clubs and many prestigious institutions. She is the host of NYC’s popular weekly TV series “Americans who Love Italy” and has been featured on numerous specials for PBS, Food Network and History, Sundance and Discovery Channels.

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