Rheology Optimization for Improved Visual Hide and Cost Reduction



Formulators of decorative coatings place high value on maximizing visual hiding while minimizing formulation cost. A macro and micro approach is required to reduce surface defects (foam, roller picking, etc.) and improve film uniformity.  The choice in rheology modifiers plays a great role in flow and leveling performance but traditional drawdown measurements do not capture all application methods and shear conditions (spray, brush & roll).  Traditional dry film analysis methods utilize visual comparisons against standards which are compromised by qualitative assessments. Through this webinar, advanced quantitative techniques will demonstrate how to improve application hide with various rheology modifier chemistries.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  1. Utilize 3 innovative instrumentation techniques to quantify applied hide.
  2. Characterize the relationship between opacity and visual appearance.
  3. Understand and recognize limitations in measuring application hide.
  4. Optimize TiO2 in formulation through selection of rheology modifiers.


Kent Maghacut

Technical Service Scientist


Kent Maghacut is a Coatings Technical Service Scientist for Ashland Specialty Ingredients based at the Ashland Research Center in Wilmington, DE. Kent holds both Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Chemistry from Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Since 2012, Kent has worked in Coatings R&D at Ashland Specialty ingredients, specifically focused on advanced application testing and formulation of waterborne architectural coatings.



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