The Importance of Indoor Air Quality & HVAC Strategies to Improve It

Available On-demand Until September 2, 2022

Duration:60 minutes


Even in a pandemic free world, there are important reasons to maintain healthy indoor air.  This presentation will discuss several different HVAC strategies that can be utilized to improve indoor air quality.  These include monitoring indoor air quality, maintaining proper amounts of outdoor air, controlling temperature and humidity levels, as well as using pressurization as a means to control contaminants. Learn about field devices and how they contribute to these strategies.  After this presentation, attendees will have a basic understanding how these strategies improve indoor air, and be familiar with design parameters that are important to consider.

Learning Objectives:
  • Why is indoor air quality important?
  • Is indoor air quality a good investment?
  • What are the most important aspects of healthy indoor air?
  • What strategies can be employed to improve IAQ?

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Howard Smith

Product Manager, Air Solutions


Howard graduated from Bucknell University in 2011 with a BS in Mechanical engineering. Upon graduation, he worked as a design engineer in the construction machinery industry for several years before moving into product management. In 2018, while in this role, he earned his MBA from Shippensburg University with a concentration in Finance. In 2019, Howard started working for Belimo as a Product Manager responsible for the Air Flow Measurement and Control Range. These products have integrated differential pressure sensors, and are used in flow control, duct pressurization, and room pressurization applications. Based on the nature of his products and their capabilities, Howard was chosen to lead a project on the history of indoor air quality, strategies to improve it, and how Belimo products can be used in these applications.



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