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Date aired:Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Duration:60 MINUTES

Inspirational and interactive, WE Day Connect invites students, educators and community groups from around the world to join the conversation on doing good. This no cost session is engaging and illuminating, uniting schools globally to make an impact together through acts of service. It features motivational stories of young people, school groups and educators rallying around the causes they care about. It also features surprise talent announcements, exciting guest speakers and an introduction to the power of WE Schools programming.


WE Day Connect will feature real-life stories of students, their teachers and the impact they have made in their communities. 

Freeport Intermediate School, Freeport, Texas

The students at Freeport Intermediate school designed an outdoor STEM learning center for the school and community to use. By focusing on sustainable innovation and circular economy and nature they developed an aquaponic gardening system that requires typical energy sources to power and want to make their idea a sustainable model for their community. Participants have researched various systems that utilize wind and solar energy to power and hope to use these systems as a model and create a lab that will facilitate STEM learning for all students.

Independence High, Jill Woods, Sophia, West Virginia

Jill teaches in a rural high school in southern West Virginia. She is attempting to begin an initiative to introduce an agriculture-STEM program at her school to give her students a positive experience in science, health and life skills that will prepare them for after high school. "My hope is to spark an interest in my students that learning biology can be fun and useful in their real life." Jill is currently writing grants and reaching out to community members in an effort to buy a greenhouse so her students can experience hands-on learning. By creating these experiences for her students, Jill hopes to engage them and demonstrate value in STEM-based careers.

Brisbane Bayside State College, Brisbane, Australia

A team of three girls, aged 13-14, from Brisbane Bayside State College came up with a concept called ChameleonFrames – using AI to support the diagnosis of cerebral visual impairment (CVI). CVI is a potentially permanent visual impairment caused by the disturbance of visual pathways from the brain, and can range from severe visual impairment to total blindness. The runners up in the national AI for Good award, and winner of the Queensland State Final, had a personal connection to the problem they were trying to solve. Two of the team members have a brother who suffers from CVI, and their goal was to use AI to help others who might suffer through early diagnosis.

Hayah International Academy, New Cairo, Egypt

The students of Hayah International academy wanted to create a timer switch that automatically turns the light off after a set period. There home city is the capital of Egypt and has been ranked the eighth most polluted city in the world, meaning that it produces huge amount of carbon dioxide. The school is working to create a light timer that is simple for their school and neighbourhood community to use. The prototype model is designed to be user friendly and accessible to everyone because they think that many Egyptians are unexposed to advanced technology and want to create a product that everyone can access and understand.

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