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Innovate with Purpose - Technology for a ‘self-sustained’ future

Start Date:9/25/2020

Start Time:4:00 PM IST

Duration:60 minutes


At NTT Ltd., we strongly believe in the power of innovation and use Tech for Good to enable a connected future. As we build a sustainable business and continue in our efforts to drive positive change in the world, we are delighted to announce that we've partnered with Red Bull Basement 2020 as the Official Technology Services Partner to enable the next generation of innovators. Red Bull Basement is a yearly global call to action empowering university students around the world to develop bold new ideas and implement technology solutions that will make a meaningful impact on their campuses and possibly the world. Together with our industry leaders we will discuss how great ideas can change the world. What's the difference about a good thing and a great thing? It's about the impact it has on the world.

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Innovate with Purpose - Technology for a ‘self-sustained’ future
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