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Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Glycemic Variability in Pregnancy

Live Date:11/10/2021

Start Time:11:00 AM EST (North America)

Duration:60 minutes

Join Caroline Wuyts, MSc for a deep dive into her research on pregnancy and monitoring glucose availability throughout the reproductive timeline of a mouse model.

Pregnancy is a physiological challenge for the female body. Metabolic adaptations are necessary to maintain the balance between maternal and fetal growth. To gain insight in these pregnancy-induced adaptations, continuous glucose was monitored in mice via telemetric transmitters.

Caroline’s group investigated the effect of telemetry on pregnancy outcome by comparing mice with an implanted transmitter and mice that underwent a sham surgery. They developed an overview of glucose tolerance before, during and after pregnancy by performing oral glucose tolerance tests. Glycemic variability was monitored continuously using camera surveillance, and it was determined that continuous glucose monitoring is a safe method that provides insight into glycemic control during pregnancy with unprecedented detail.

Key learning objectives:

  • Appreciate that telemetric implants do not have an influence on pregnancy and that they are safe to be used in pregnant mice.
  • Understand how glycemia adapts to pregnancy in mice.
  • Acknowledge that continuous glucose monitoring combined with camera surveillance is a suitable method to monitor glycemic variability.
  • Recognize that healthy mice during a full pregnancy develop adaptations in glucose homeostasis reminiscent of those in pregnant women.

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Caroline Wuyts, MSc

PhD Candidate

KU Leuven

Caroline obtained her MSc degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). She is currently pursuing a PhD in the Laboratory of Ion Channel research at KU Leuven (Belgium). She is focusing her research on understanding the maternal metabolic adaptations to pregnancy.
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