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Private 5G: A global private network delivering speed, control, security and total coverage. Finally.

Start Date:9/23/2021

Start Time:11:00 AM EDT

Duration:60 minutes

5G meets your enterprise

Accelerated digital transformation is on every organization’s agenda, from manufacturers to healthcare providers. What used to be a five-year technology evolution has now become a one- to two-year imperative. At the heart of this transformation lies modernized enterprise network connectivity, tying together everything from edge devices to the cloud. How can private 5G in the form of an innovative, industrial-grade private wireless network, help to transform your client experience, digital experience and employee experience, while at the same time give you complete control and security?

Join guest speaker Leslie Rosenberg (Research VP, IDC) as she reviews the essential considerations for making private 5G a reality for enterprise IT and industrial IoT teams. Manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, retail and beyond – she’ll unpack why 5G is a key ingredient for accelerated digital transformation. 

Leslie will be followed by Shahid Ahmed (EVP, NTT), Rajeev Shah (CEO, Celona) and Albi van Zyl (CSO, NTT) who will unpack the key value drivers provided by 5G, and explore real-world use cases.  They will also introduce NTT’s industry leading private 5G platform architecture – the first of its kind – that goes beyond a wireless network to provide a single integrated solution that delivers visibility, control and security on a cloud-native architecture.

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