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Mapping out the emergent non-personal promotion world


Time:1:00 PM EDT

Duration:30 minutes

Non-personal promotion (NPP) is an increasingly utilized strategy in a digital-focused pharma marketing environment. While a majority of healthcare professionals (HCPs) agree that brand advertising is necessary, up to 50% are dissatisfied with the current state of pharma marketing. As physicians face growing demands on their time, the importance of personalized messaging is more noteworthy than ever.

In order to align brand needs with channel output, pharma marketing needs to step away from the broad tactic approach and toward an omnichannel, storytelling approach to keep up with physician demand. Along those lines, this presentation will discuss the emerging trends in pharma marketing, including:
• Latest insights on digital channel spend and growth across platforms
• Understanding how physicians navigate NPP and their perceptions 
• Best practice for designing an omnichannel approach that best aligns with marketing goals and desired campaign outcomes

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Tina Fresta, BA, MPH

Medical Communication Strategist


Tina has been with epocrates for more than 5 years in both medical writing and digital communication strategy capacities. Currently, as a member of the Solutions Design team, she utilizes end-user data to put forth evidence-based campaign recommendations across all campaign stages (from initial creation to optimization to subsequent phases). Having worked across various therapeutic areas, HCP specialties/occupations and brand lifecycles, Tina has been a regular presenter at media agencies to showcase the most up-to-date pharma pipelines, non-personal promotion engagement behaviors and disease state competitive landscapes.
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