Getinge Hospital Engineering Forum (GHEF) - Optimizing workflow in modern operating rooms

Start Date: 14-DEC-2020

Start Time: 

  • New York: 7:00 AM EST 
  • London: 12:00 PM GMT 
  • Paris: 1:00 PM CET
  • Helsinki: 2:00 PM EET

Duration:60 minutes


Streamlined workflows and an optimized performance led to an increase of surgeries at the Klinikum Stuttgart. Standardization, transparency, workload reduction and integrated digital solutions made a decisive contribution to coping with the complex requirements of today’s OR management.

The Klinikum Stuttgart is one of the largest hospitals in Germany hosting 2,200 beds and 7,000 employees. The surgical department runs 53,000 interventions in 55 ORs and its total budget counts 200 million Euro annually. Today's OR management has to manage the balancing act between quality, cost, time and the best possible patient care. A constantly high quality of care along with increased cost-effectiveness through foresighted surgical planning, accurate capacity management and resource utilization is essential. The surgical department is the most cost-intensive department in every hospital as well as a bottleneck that determines speed, efficiency and quality of care. A higher standardization of workflows and resources is key to profitability, efficiency and risk reduction. Foresighted surgical planning, excellent coordination and superior workflow quality open up a considerable potential for saving costs, reducing staff burden and ensuring continuous quality of care.

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Dr. Thomas Ramolla

Head of OR-Management

Medical Center Stuttgart – Germany

In summer 2017, Thomas Ramolla joined the Klinikum Stuttgart, a medical center affiliated with the University of Tübingen, as the Head of the OR management team for the 3 hospitals in the Stuttgart region, working for the coordination for 55 operating theatres. After his study of human medicine at the Universities in Innsbruck (Austria), Mainz, Berlin, Ulm and an internship at the University of Western Ontario (Canada), he passed his medical board exam in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine and worked as an anesthesiologist in various hospitals in Germany. From 2005 to 2017 he was the head of the Institute of OR Management at Klinikum Ingolstadt, additionally responsible for his own practice of ambulatory surgery. Today he is one of the members of the board of the German association for OR management (VOPM) and is involved in a lot of presentations and publications about the best practices in OR management.

Raghed Hanna

Director of Global Business Development-Surgical Workflows


Jean-Pierre Breysse

Senior Director Strategic Office


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