Managing Construction Projects with Drone Data

Keep Projects On Schedule and Under Budget with Drones


Duration:60 minutes


The majority of construction projects finish late and over budget. Can drones help project managers and site superintendents keep projects on schedule?

Aerial photos, maps, and 3D models have the power to transform your workflows. By spending less than an hour a week flying a job site, you gain access to an unprecedented amount of insight at every stage of a project.

Tune into this webinar to hear from industry experts leading the charge to integrate drones on the job site. Expect to learn how the latest drone hardware and software can be used to survey sites, monitor progress, manage subcontractors and streamline communications—ultimately keeping projects running on budget and schedule. With results like this, it's no surprise that drone use in construction is up 140% in the last year alone.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How drones can drastically cut costs and improve efficiency for survey crews
  • How to monitor and streamline project tracking and reporting with automated photo flights and progress reports
  • How AI-powered drone software can drive smarter, more efficient decision making
  • How Chasco Constructors achieved 75% cost savings on $29M project using DroneDeploy

The content of this webinar is produced and directed by the event's sponsor.

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Jono Millin

Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

Michael Lambert

Virtual Design and Construction Manager
Chasco Constructors

Michael Lambert is the VDC Manager for Chasco Constructors in Austin, Texas, where he built and now manages the VDC and UAV teams. Michael has more than 25 years of experience in construction, land surveying, and Computer-Aided Design.

His hobbyist background of photography and radio-controlled platforms has helped him integrate drones into a variety of workflows at Chasco. In addition to overseeing IT and the drone services program, Michael also manages the GPS equipment used by Chasco’s surveyors and heavy-equipment machine control.

Derrick Teal

Content Deployment Manager
Architectural Record, Engineering News-Record

Derrick Teal is the content deployment manager for BNP Media, Engineering News-Record, and Architectural Record. He has been with BNP since 2007 and was the editor of Environmental Design + Construction prior to his current role. He received his English degree from Albion College.


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